About Us
Founder :  CEO and Manager: Thomas Koovalloor (Guru Koovalloor) ERYT-500
President :  Sicily Koovalloor, RN, MS, HN, ERYT-500
Member :  Anjali Mathew, RN, LMSW
Member :  Joseph Koovalloor, BS (Major in International Business & Marketing, Drexel University, PA)
Member :  Mathew C. Abraham, MBA

Advisory Board:
1. Prof. Dr. Joy Thomas Kunjappu, D.Sc., Ph.D.,
   Chemistry Educator and Chemical Consultant, Greater New York City Area.

2. Jacob Kallupura Esq.,
    Attorney At Law, Boston, MA.
Indo-American Yoga Institute is a long cherished ambition of it's founder Thomas Koovalloor (Guru Koovalloor), who started practicing Yoga at the age of 7.Thomas Koovalloor (Guru Koovalloor) has many yoga students in the U.S. and abroad. He is actively involved in community activities at present. He is the author of " Importance of Yoga in the Modern World" which was published in two languages. According to him "Yoga is a gift given by God to the human beings, which, if practiced in a disciplined manner, will help us to attain confidence, peace of mind,  flexibility,  concentration,self realization, and finally which will lead to conscious enlightenment."
The Indian Sages ( Gurus) first developed the idea of Yoga to attain spiritual enlightenment which required a systamatic approach. They believed that by training physical body they could tame the mind, and there by improve the concentration and find their inner self or soul.
Hatha Yoga relates to the practice of special postures called ASANAS. These Asanas have evolved to work all parts of the body. They fall into families of postures , including forward bends, backward bends, standing poses, seated poses, twists, side-bending postures, balances, and inverted postures.

According to Patanjali's Sutras " Postures bring about stability, of the body and poise of the mind".
The practice of physical postures  ( Asanas) improves a variety of ailments, strengthens and tones muscles and develops flexibility. Various movements in the postures result in blood saturating, nourishing and cleaning the remotest parts of the body.

Practicing Asanas improves flexibility, vitality, and health, and activates the organs ( Hearts, lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen and pancreas). The true importance of postures is the connection between body and mind, so the two become interwoven, intiating the path from physical to spiritual awareness.

According to Patanjali pranayama  should be practiced only after a firm foundation in Asanas has been established. Practicing Pranayama releases tension in the body, calms the nervous system and keeps the mind tranquil.
The speciality of IAYI is that our method of teaching Yogasanas can be practiced by any one, as the asanas do not require any equipment, or much space. We teach according to a Guide prepared by our  own experts for the teaching of Yogasanas which may be useful not only to the teachers for whom it is meant, but also to others who may wish to learn how to practice some common Yogasanas.

Meaning of Yoga
"Yoga" comes from the Sanskrit word "Yuj" meaning to join or unite. Yoga is a practical philosophy, not a religion, and requires no allegiance to any particular system of belief. It is actually a traditional Indian philosophy that involves the integration of the physical and spiritual in order to achieve a sense of well-being.

In practicing yoga, the body is linked to the movements, mind and breath to bring about a feeling of balance, relaxation and harmony.
Yoga is basically a much wider science the powers of which the modern scientists could not even imagine. Think about the ancient Maharshis (Yogis), they could sit in a single pose (Asana) for many days. But in this modern world even the energetic youth could not sit more than four hours in a single pose,they become restless, and they changes the position after a while, take rest, some times when they become restless they go for smoking, etc. the new generation is restless. Even Nurses, Nurses Aides, people work in any field, become tired when they work more than 8 hours. There are so many reasons why they become monotonous and restless, and if they could tame their body through Yoga in an early age, they could do may hoursof work without any physical strain. 

Our aim is to build up a stronger generation who will have a strong body and mind with  more self confidence, and self control.